Contrite Rabbit?


Appearing falsely apologetic, Flopsie ponders the error of his ways. There were two more breakouts after yesterday morning’s, for a total of three. Most recently, early this morning, I heard a single thump (the early rabbit warning system where they thump with their hind legs). I ran out and found only Mopsie in a corner of the yard. He dug at the dirt alongside the fence with his front paws, which drew my attention to another new hole. In retrospect, I think he was “miming” for me how his brother got out! Another wild chase ensued into the neighbor’s yard until Flopsie was discovered and finally scooped up with his uncle’s fishing net. Mopsie deserves an award for alerting us to Flopsie’s escape and method. Flopsie said that next time, he is going to “take out” Mopsie first.



Flopsie gave us a scare this morning as when we went out to feed them their bananas, he was MIA. We frantically searched the yard and outside the fence but he was nowhere to be found! Mopsie was mute as to his brother’s whereabouts. I found a hole in the chicken wire fence where it looked like he could have squeezed through. As I was examining it, he bounded out from the bushes and came over, trying to squeeze his way back in through the hole. I helped him by lifting the fence and he popped back into our side of the yard! I think he was relieved to be back on familiar turf. Yet another year off our lives….

Backyard Chicken

Chicken in the backyard

A young feral hen flew into the backyard this morning, but then didn’t know how to get back out. The irate homeowner went after it with a golf club and scared it so miraculously, it remembered how to fly and took flight to safety. Mopsie, in the meantime, thought it was time for raisin treats, and ran around, nipping on the heels of his “dad.”