Until We Meet Again

Flopsie fans: A week ago a semi-feral neighborhood cat scaled our 6-foot fence and attacked and killed Flopsie. The next day we set a humane cat trap and captured the cat we believe responsible and turned him into the Humane Society. (He was not microchipped and weighed 10 pounds while Flopsie was only four pounds.) Flopsie was a part of our lives for 7-1/2 years and we will miss him greatly. We will meet again on the Rainbow Bridge.

8 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

  1. So, so sorry for your loss. it’s devastating to lose a beloved pet; more so when it’s such a senseless death. Please know that I grieve any pet’s death as I know how much ours means to us.


  2. Sending my belated condolences for the passing of Flopsie… I was such a ‘basket case’ upon hearing it! I looked forward to seeing/reading about their ‘adventures’! How has Mopsie been doing? Thank you for sharing their stories with us! kawa


    • Thank you for you kind condolences. I’m sad to say that Mopsie passed away two weeks later. We think another cat got into the yard and chased him, and he got a heart attack. We set out a cat trap and ultimately caught 3 cats.


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