• How big are they? They are dwarf rabbits, so are about the size of a football, and weigh approximately 4 pounds.   They look fat, but this is mostly due to their thick fur.

  • What do they eat? Rabbits are herbivores (vegetarians). Twice a day, Flopsie and Mopsie are given pellets primarily composed of Timothy hay. Daily fresh vegetables include kale, Romaine or other green lettuce (never iceberg lettuce because it is low in nutrients), carrot tops, broccoli, and grated carrots. They also eat ti leaves, plus whatever they find in the yard on the ground or on the bush that appeals to them. In the morning, they are given a small portion of mashed banana and papaya; their evening treat is bits of diced fresh apple. Their favorite treat is raisins, but because it’s like candy to them, they only get a few at a time.
  • Can they be litter boxed trained? Yes! Rabbits are like cats: they like to keep their daily living area tidy. If a litter box is provided in the cage or in the house, they can be trained to use it. Cat litter is harmful if they digest it, so when they were young and kept in a cage, we used shredded newspaper (ran it through an office-type shredder) in their litter box. It needs to be changed daily or more often as it is not as absorbent as regular litter.
  • Do they need to be given a bath? No, they are like cats and are constantly grooming themselves. Even though they are outdoor rabbits, they are fairly clean except for the soles of their feet. They don’t get fleas.

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